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Server side access control 0

Server side access control

As part of a new, proper grown-up staging and production environment, I needed to make sure that wordpress built staging domain could only be accessed by authorised users and, equally importantly, be certain that...

For a word cloud 0

For a word cloud

Banking Experts Trusting Relationships Supporting Business Goals Key Markets Increased Support OnBoarding Teams Securities Case Handlers Strategic Account Planning Client First Smaller Portfolios Portfolio Purity High Value Switchers Integrated Marketing Trading Businesses Group Wide...

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This is perhaps a bit odd but I need to check whether referrer code worked.

Social hoares 0

Social hoares

Some people take a very guarded and protective view of their social networking sites. They’ll only befriend on facebook the people they are closest to in real life. Or, on LinkedIn, people they have...

What a difference a pro makes. 0

What a difference a pro makes.

It’s not often I can say this but I have the really good fortune to work alongside someone who is genuinely great at what they do. Professionally I’ve worked with a number of geniuses...

Wherefore art thou question 0

Wherefore art thou question

Given that people are happy to answer questions on LinkedIn, for example, and some even obsessively, I wonder why we look at surveys differently. Is it simply the personal connection to the person asking...

Do as you would be done by 0

Do as you would be done by

Such a simple idea. And yet it seems to be something that a lot of people don’t get. I’m sat in traffic watching angry people trying to cut in. Knowing when someone tries the...

A helping hand 0

A helping hand

Why do we help people? Perhaps a little deep for late on Wednesday, but it’s something that has been playing on my mind for a while. As I see it, how much help we...

Just not Pinterested. 0

Just not Pinterested.

Today I received my Pinterest invite. Hurrah. Aside from the huge legal implications of being able to grab images and video from other site, I just don’t really get it. Sites like this have...

Hello world! 0

Hello world!

Ok. Not sure how or why you arrived here, but this is site is simply to capture thoughts about projects for future reference.