Do as you would be done by

Such a simple idea. And yet it seems to be something that a lot of people don’t get. I’m sat in traffic watching angry people trying to cut in. Knowing when someone tries the same to them they’ll just get angrier.

It all sounds a bit new age and spiritual, perhaps a bit churchy, but I’m not like that.

As well as how to make a great pasta sauce, it’s the most important lesson I’d want my children to learn. (daddy knows best would be great too, but above all else I am a realist.)

Although city traffic on a Friday evening is the backdrop it was something yesterday that wound me up. Gossip and whispering in corners led to someone being understandably miffed when a message got to them. Unacceptablely unprofessional. And if for a moment those involved had thought “would I want to be the subject of this” they’d have stopped straight away.

Of course it ties nicely into my current obsession with the psychology of helping – prosocial behaviour.

It’s not only a mantra to keep unwanted actions in check, but also a positive force. If I would want someone to lend me 50p for a parking meter if I was short of change then I should do the same. I suppose this is leading by example.

I’m fairly sure I’m not alone in thnking this. I guess the trick is getting more and more people behind it as a movement. Maybe I’ll just start with a hashtag: #daywbdb

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