If wise men learn from their mistakes, how come I feel so dumb?

Today I learnt that WordPress doesn’t autosave a draft post. After an hour of editing something on the move, only to have mobile signal drop, this is a particularly painful lesson to learn.

It is very easy to blame others for our mistakes. So that is exactly what I’m going to do! I blame the fact that I didn’t think about saving my data on the fact that I’ve never had to on a page, or a post that I have published and then tweaking. In fact, the only example of autosave not being, well, auto is if you already have a draft.

If there was no autosave on anything then I would know to save.

So this leads to an interesting, if not a little nerdy, point: is it better to not bring in small beneficial features if they can’t be universal? As tech user’s we are inherently lazy and simply expect that things will work the way we want them to.

The alternative is that it is my fault for not regularly saving the draft when I did have signal, or using the offline WordPress editor. And that is too bitter a pill to swallow.

In any case, no time to dwell on this I have another post to [re]write.


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