Nerding up. Linux-style

As a life-long Windows man (although Android for my mobile devices) I’ve decided to give Linus a go. I’m documenting it for my own record.

Inspired by Mr Robot, I did flirt with the idea a little while back and even loaded Elementary Freya onto an old Samsung laptop but didn’t do anything more than that. But now I’m faced with a desktop that I’ve had for about 8 years and it’s struggling with Win10. I only really use this to create my online library of DVDs (that I’ve bought!). So time to move to something a bit lighter weight. Cue the Penguin.

Where to start

As I understand it there are a number of interfaces that people have built on the Linux platform. I’m no where near ready to do this green screen, so I was after something pretty and, frankly, immediately usable. If I get on with it I might try something else.

So a google search later and reading a lot of top tens (like this) I’ve plumped for Elementary distribution. It’s based on Ubuntu but to be honest I’m not really bothered by what that means beyond: it’s free and; there a great community of support. So over to the site I went. Happily donated $25 (people are spending good time to do this so it seems only right to contribute) and downloaded. It’s incredibly light by Microsoft standards, at only 1.22GB.

Getting it ready has great instructions for installation.

The first step involves making the flash drive into a installer. There’s a link to a program called Rufus and 6 easy steps. It takes a couple of mins to copy the ISO file. Just enough to top up your coffee.

Then stick your drive into a USB port. Fire up the PC being sure to get to the boot menu. F9, F12 or sometimes ESC key does it. Head to the USB-HDD option then follow the Elementary process…



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