Seek solace in the fact you simply can’t trust them

Right, enough of the doom now, well from me at least.

Yes the markets are in turmoil, but it will eventually pass and hopefully before job losses etc. We’ll also quickly remember that actually having different opinions and working through our differences is what democracy is all about.

As for the future, I’m confident that over the next two years or so we will sort something with Europe. I reckon we’ll continue to trade freely. We’ll sign up to European cooperation on things like climate change and counter terrorism. And we will unpick ourselves from the red tape of Brussels to set our own laws. Yes that means we’ll lose inward investment from the EU, but that’s our trade off.

And why am I so confident? Easy. There is no “Leave” plan. No promises were ever made. And that is exactly what they will deliver. Nothing.

Let’s not suddenly believe our Politicians have developed morals. On the fear of remaining, 84 MPs begged the PM to stay. I didn’t hear anything about that letter once the vote was to leave. Why not? Because he’s cleared the way for the top spot. The one that assures you book deals, endless after-dinner speaking bookings and consultancy positions, generating enough salary to fund a [much needed] small hospital.

Boris and that Gove man stood there and praised Cameron for his work. Praised him! They praised the man that in their view was wrong. Why? Because it marks the start of the most important next step: healing the parties (Labour are not immune to this) and securing your candidacy for the leadership.

How better to heal a party – and an entire Parliament – than by giving the MPs what they want? Yes, the MPs. Not the people. The people want out and that’s done. Who heard specifics? Did anyone promise to stop the free movement of Europeans into the UK? What about a promise to immediately stop contributions to the EU to reinvest even a penny in the UK? Border control, anyone? Sure, Farage said stuff, but he was distanced from ‘Leave’ early on. Afteral, ‘Leave’ can’t have him promising to keep the foreigners out when it is broadly unachieveable.

Besides, we need the migrants. Sure they fulfil essential roles and pay their way more often than not, but it’s more than that. Without “them” who could we blame for a crippled benefits system or crumbling NHS? That would only leave the Politicians. And yes it’s actually is their fault, but if you’ve not compunction about claiming for a second home you rent out to family, accountability is certainly not a burden for our MPs. It’s all about staying in power.

So I’m now a little more upbeat. Because, after the shock, I have remembered that our Politicians are duplicitous and untrustworthy. How many times have we heard “nothing will change” so far from both sides? Where once I saw the complete lack of an exit plan as a problem, I now see it as an opportunity to change very little.

This would be a very, very bitter victory unless I’m wrong.

To be fair, it wouldn’t be the first time I was wrong today.

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