Social hoares

Some people take a very guarded and protective view of their social networking sites. They’ll only befriend on facebook the people they are closest to in real life. Or, on LinkedIn, people they have done business with.

Others might take a different view: perhaps real friends on Facebook but potentially anyone on LinkedIn.

Fair enough which ever your approach but it begs the question “why?”.


These networking sites offer thr same platform and functionality to all users. But we take tgem on as our own. A personal choice who we share our data with. For some all these sites will be a means to an end: promote their business, share their opinions. For others it would be something more personal – sharing photos with family.

The idea of social networking doesn’t really playout if your networks are real world based. I wonder if people online will become less shy. Or maybe we’ll start to see a move away from social networking by some in favour of something more private.

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