Third time lucky rebuild

One more time…. This time completely from scratch (second attempt was based on a clone of the first step of my first attempt!)

FAILED – Second Attempt to rebuild

Hopefully learning lessons! This time I’m installing bare bones of everything before brining in the woocommerce exported orders. Let’s see! So, try again!!!

A FAILED Rebuild from scratch

This is preserved as a warning! I couldn’t import the orders. I think its because I wanted to keep the ordered after some had been taken. My next attempt is to instill bare minimum plugins and posts. For far too long my website has been falling over. God knows why. So I’m biting the bullet […]

Migrating woocommerce and preserving order ID

After hours or days of failing to move my website from one host to another, this is how I did it. It involves buying a plugin – which I would rather not. But calculate the value of your time and using these plugins is an absolute no brainer. No affiliate links here. This post is […]

Setting up an AWS Lightsail instance for the first time

There’s great support from bitnami about doing this, but it’s in lots of different places, so I’m putting it here for reference. This is for a new WordPress instance in lightsail. Create your new instance – for me I’ve gone (currently $10/month with 2Gb RAM and 60Gb SSD, Create a static IP and assign it […]