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WooCommerce Square payment fields not allowing input

It’s a bit of a problem if your online store won’t accept payments! I’d been getting reports of a problem processing credit card payments on my site ( There was no issue with PayPal....

Nerding up. Linux-style 0

Nerding up. Linux-style

As a life-long Windows man (although Android for my mobile devices) I’ve decided to give Linus a go. I’m documenting it for my own record. Inspired by Mr Robot, I did flirt with the...


Remain In.

I’ve decided to pen my thoughts while doing my best to avoid facts. Make of it what you will. This isn’t a case of national pride, and it certainly isn’t about trying to make...

Test run 0

Test run

Ok. Let’s try this.   I’m bold. I’m in italics.   Here’s a picture…   Same image, smaller.


Doing the wrong thing.

It’s ok to make mistake. Hell, I pride myself on it. Most important is apparently learning from them. But sometime the most important thing is just to make it quickly and get it over...

Responding to responsive 0

Responding to responsive

Just when I thought I’d convinced myself not to learn anymore techie stuff, I’m now determined to figure out how to build a WordPress template that’s responsive. Starting with what Google Developers have to...