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Remain In.

I’ve decided to pen my thoughts while doing my best to avoid facts. Make of it what you will. This isn’t a case of national pride, and it certainly isn’t about trying to make...

Test run 0

Test run

Ok. Let’s try this.   I’m bold. I’m in italics.   Here’s a picture…   Same image, smaller.


Doing the wrong thing.

It’s ok to make mistake. Hell, I pride myself on it. Most important is apparently learning from them. But sometime the most important thing is just to make it quickly and get it over...

Responding to responsive 0

Responding to responsive

Just when I thought I’d convinced myself not to learn anymore techie stuff, I’m now determined to figure out how to build a WordPress template that’s responsive. Starting with what Google Developers have to...


The Foray Method

Not one to shy away from vanity projects, this one has the potential to be a great method for experience or service design while involving a clever play on words. Cue the cautiously smug...

Server side access control 0

Server side access control

As part of a new, proper grown-up staging and production environment, I needed to make sure that wordpress built staging domain could only be accessed by authorised users and, equally importantly, be certain that...

For a word cloud 0

For a word cloud

Banking Experts Trusting Relationships Supporting Business Goals Key Markets Increased Support OnBoarding Teams Securities Case Handlers Strategic Account Planning Client First Smaller Portfolios Portfolio Purity High Value Switchers Integrated Marketing Trading Businesses Group Wide...

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